Rest assured, your horse will be well cared for.  We treat every horse in our barn as if it were one of our own.  Quality alfalfa and or orchard grass hay are fed twice daily in our full care program and your horse will always have immediate access to clean and clear water.  Two tiers of services are available to our clients, full care and partial care.  For our partial care clients, we understand last minute stuff comes up and you may not be able to make it to the barn for a day or two or more which is why we offer a few varieties of add-ons for your convenience.  Our stalls are fully matted and equipped with corner feeders and there are mineral blocks and loose salt available at all times.  

Full Care 

Fully matted stalls

Feed quality hay AM/PM

Clean stall

Fresh water 2x/day

Turn out(weather permitting)

             $330 per month

Partial Care

Owner responsible for:

Cleaning stall DAILY

Supplying Feed


We take care of:

Watering 2x/day

1 bucket of shavings

$180 per month

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